Are Dynamic Munitions products made in America? Yes

Do we offer FFL transfers? Yes, our transfer fees are the lowest in the Houston area. We charge $15 for any FFL transfer plus the cost of shipping.

Items placed on the same order as a controlled item will also be shipped to the FFL. If you would like additional items shipped to you directly, please place them on a separate order.

Please have your dealer fax or email their FFL to:

Phone: (877)404-8872 | Email: info@dynamicmunitions.com

Do we offer Military and LEO discounts? Yes. Please create an account and then email a copy of your Military ID, DD214 or LEO ID to info@dynamicmunitions.com

What does Cryogenically frozen mean? The barrel is frozen using liquid nitrogen to lower the temperature to  -310℉. This alleviates stress and corrects imperfections created during production. This process will increase accuracy and the life of the barrel.

After the barrel is treated the molecules in the barrel are aligned creating a less abrasive surface. A cryogenically frozen barrel can increase shooting velocity, increase accuracy  and improve wear resistance which makes for easier cleaning.

How do I become a dealer? Email us at info@dynamicmunitions.com and request a dealer application or go to our dealer page and fill out the application request form.

Bullet Back Guarantee- Dynamic Munitions wants you to be as confident in our ammunition as we are.  If you have a failure to fire that is related to Dynamic Munitions ammo and we will give a new 50 round pack.

To file a claim return faulty round, packaging and receipt to the dealer or Dynamic Munitions directly. Email us at info@dynamicmunitions.com.