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For precision shooters, Dynamic Munitions is the precision rifle and ammunition integrator that provides increased accuracy because our weapon and ammunition systems are designed to be lightweight with low-recoil, engineered  for a clean-burn and manufactured to exact tolerances.

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The Dynamic Munitions DP-15L (Dynamic Precision, Lite) rifle is a high quality M4 style rifle. The DP-15L is ultra light weighing only 6.5 lbs and features mil-spec improved parts, all made in America.

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Reduced Recoil 9mm -P

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Cosmetic BLEMS

All these products are 100% tested and preform flawlessly however there maybe scratches or dings. Perfect for the builders that want quality for a great price.

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DM Apparel

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DM has teamed up with AWATT

AWATT (Advanced Weapons and Training Tactics) Has teamed with DM for T&E of our Rifles and Ammunitions. 

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Our Bullet Back Guarantee is Simple

Dynamic Munitions is dedicated to making sure your ammo purchase is backed by our Bullet Back Guarantee. When you make an Ammunition Purchase and you find any defects from the manufacturing process contact and let us know.

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Why does the Ammo you buy Matter?

It does, there are many different platforms and each have there own differences i.e. Barrel Twist Rate, Type of Barrel, Gas and Buffer System. These all work together to make your weapon system work flawlessly.

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